Friday, October 8, 2010

ear tattoo design

  • Placing a tattoo behind the ear has the advantage of being discreet if necessary. Both accessories and hairstyles can work to either camouflage or highlight a behind-the-ear tattoo. Since space is limited, tattoos that are placed behind the ear need to be size-appropriate in their design and placement.

  • Symbols

  • Small individual symbols are a popular choice for behind-the-ear tattoos. These symbols are appropriate for discreet tattoos and are easily hidden by hair and clothing if necessary.

    Hearts are a popular choice. This symbol is simple, straightforward and can have a great deal of personal meaning for the wearer. The color of a heart can also add a second layer of meaning. Choose a red heart for love, yellow for friendship, purple for passion or experiment with further color meanings to add individuality to your tattoo.

    Stars are another popular motif, either on their own or as a part of a group or larger design. The design can be executed in color, black and white or shades of grey. Larger designs may have a combination of colors, lending variety to a star design.

    Religious symbols such as crosses, pentacles and Stars of David are also popular symbols for a behind-the-ear tattoo. This display is an incredibly personal proclamation of faith and each symbol can be translated into a smaller size without loss of detail, making a perfect subject for this placement.

  • Text

  • Another potential design for behind-the-ear tattoos is text. These designs combine small words and simple fonts to create the wearer's message. Popular subjects for text tattoos include names and dates, commemorating important people and events in the wearer's life.

    When choosing a text-based tattoo for the behind the ear location, it is important to consider the font. An ornate font or long word may not translate well and can wind up looking awkward. Consult with your tattoo artist to determine what the best combination of font and lettering is for your tattoo idea.

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